Gasoline/diesel additives

NOVONOL Engine Care & Protect
Anti-wear additive package

Engine Care & Protect contains a highly effective additive package for increased anti-wear properties of all types of engine oils.

NOVONOL Engine Flush
Additive for cleaning the oil system

Engine Flush is suitable for all diesel and petrol engines with or without turbochargers. Eliminates aggressive residues from the combustion process. Reliably removes operational contamination and gumming in the entire oil system, which can then be easily removed with the used oil when changing the oil. The product contains highly effective anti-friction lubricants that reliably protect the engine during the cleaning process.

NOVONOL Oil Booster
Anti-wear additive package

Oil Booster contains a highly effective additive package to improve the anti-wear properties of all types of motor oils. Reduces wear, protects against corrosion, prevents deposits in the oil and lubrication system and combats harmful engine acids.

Additive for cleaning the fuel system

Thanks to the latest technology, CAT Clean cleans the entire fuel system. It loosens gumming up in the fuel system as well as gummed carbon deposits on lambda sensors and catalytic converters. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

NOVONOL Fuel System Clean & Protect
Gasoline engine additive

Fuel System Clean & Protect ensures effective cleaning of the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber. Displaces moisture, removes operational contamination and prevents the formation of new deposits.

NOVONOL Octane Booster
Additive to increase the octane number

To increase the octane rating of low octane fuels or for use in engines with higher octane requirements.

NOVONOL Diesel System Clean & Protect
Diesel engine additive

Diesel System Clean & Protect contains a selected combination of active ingredients to improve engine performance and increase operational safety. Deposits and residues of carbon and soot are properly dissolved and dispersed. Ensures permanent lubrication of the injection pump, especially with low-sulphur diesel fuels. For use in all diesel engines. Also suitable for high-pressure direct-injection diesel engines with common-rail technology or pump-nozzle injection.

NOVONOL Diesel Winter Care
Diesel winter care

Diesel Winter Care improves the flow properties of all diesel fuels and is suitable for use in all diesel units with or without a diesel particle filter. Winterized down to – 28°C (depending on fuel quality). Reliably prevents the formation of paraffin crystals at low temperatures.

NOVONOL Radiator Purifier
radiator cleaner

Radiator cleaner for use in all water-cooled, closed cooling systems (commercial vehicles, passenger cars, industrial heat exchangers). Contains fast-acting components to eliminate operational contamination throughout the cooling circuit. The product cleans the entire cooling system, dissolves and removes limescale and improves the performance of valves, thermostats and water pumps.

NOVONOL Radiator Sealant
Cooling System Additive

Radiator Sealant is for use in all water-cooled, closed cooling systems (commercial vehicles, passenger cars, industrial heat exchangers). Reliably seals critical hairline cracks and small leaks – quickly and easily. Also for preventive use.